E is for Egret


An egret is an animal you would so completely ignore

           until you need the poor thing’s name for writing exercises.

It mows your lawn until its paws start getting sore

          And mostly, it’s left to its own devices.


The other egret which is actually a bird

        Is not even slightly, remotely close to the animal we are dealing with

Birds have feathers and great plumes and migratory tours


        But they can’t rhyme or reason like the egret, or be a smith.



So what does the egret look like? The answer is complicated, on many levels

                             The egret mostly goes out and hunts at night,

I keep thinking of images from time to time; watch the dances of nervous devils

                                When it roars and whines in the dark, I can’t fall asleep from fright.


For the egret is a terribly majestic animal, its huge throat makes siren calls in the dark

                                     And it looks magnificent and scary when it stands in the blackness.

 It’s a miracle that they refused putting it in roads, playground or a park

                                      Looking at our roads and us, it would say ‘this is complete madness’.


  The egret can be very loud-mouthed sometimes, and it’s terrible to see

                                      No one can understand his existence much, but go silent at his roar,

It also keeps stealing peanut butter while singing a country melody

                                        If you don’t talk to it enough, it starts calling you a bore.

------- the chapter will hopefully continue in another chapter.  

The End

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