D is for Diplodocus

Danny did dinosaurs justice in looks;

He was huge and grew huger with speed,

And his stride was the widest on books.

And his strong teeth made it easy to feed.


But Danny the diplodocus was sad,

For all the length of his mighty tail,

And his stripes which didn’t look bad,

He was destined from the start to fail.


For Danny was clumsy—incredibly so.

He would trip on his flat fore-claws,

And couldn’t stand straight in a row.

And bark always got stuck in his jaws.


He’d catch his long neck between trees,

And bump into his buddies, making them fall.

He always chose the wrong moment to sneeze

And even angered clouds because he was so tall.


So Danny died sad without a friend in the land

And no one remembered his cute little name.

Then one day his bones were found under layers of sand

And because of their scale he quickly won fame.

The End

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