C is for Cheetah

The cheetah-queen, whose truename was Chaniya
Gave birth to a most handsome, beauteous cub.
The king, Chausiku, touched one tiny ear
And gave his newborn prince a gentle rub.

"Your name will be Chinweh, for you're God's blessing,
And you will run and chase, when we are gone.
And, little thing, to you I am confessing
That never did I see a finer son."

Chinweh grew strong and lithe, became a winner:
The fastest cat in all Africa's plains.
Gazelles, springboks had to flee, or be dinner.
While envious lions looked on, shaking their manes.

This cat, who does not roar, unlike his rival,
Purrs like our pets, and fights for his survival.

The End

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