B is for Buffalo

Billy Buffalo was an unhappy soul,
Forever jealous of his twin brother Joel;
Poor Billy was younger by three short minutes,
And that was enough to make his life the pits.

Billy Buffalo's parents never did care
That Joel hoarded his toys and never did share;
Nor were they the least bit bothered by the fact
That Billy's computer Joel routinely hacked.

Billy Buffalo never had any peace,
Not even on family vacations in Greece;
One year Billy asked out a slim tour guide,
But before the big date Joel shaved his bro's hide!

Billy Buffalo just did as he was told,
Respecting his brother since he was so old;
Until that fateful, terrible summer day,
When he woke up real early and ran away.

Billy Buffalo soon fell in with a crowd
Of young buffalo who were doped up and loud;
One night by their shadows they were scared so stiff
That they went stampeding right over a cliff!

Billy Buffalo's resting place is unmarked,
His passing the history books barely remarked;
But I would like to say in my messy scrawl,
That I think he would have looked great on my wall.

The End

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