A is for Aardvaark

An Alphabetical Bestiary

Andrew Aardvaark was not a handsome lad,

His nose was too short and his countenance was sad.

His hairs were so few that he bought a toupee,

But sadly in a wind his hair blew away.


Andrew Aardvaark was not the brightest of guys,

Some thought him quite dull, slow-witted, unwise.

He flunked out of school the very first day,

When he couldn't pronounce the first letter, "A".


Andrew the Aardvaark was a failure of sorts,

Cause all of his words turned into sneezes and snorts.

Even the ants would pay him no mind,

For they thought that old Andy was out of his mind.


So Andrew the Aardvaark died lonely and broke,

A penniless, pitiful, proboscis-ed, old bloke.

Nearly forgotten by all those at home,

Remembered only by me in this eloquent poem.






The End

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