A Human Meal

I live in a bin and I have no home,

My parents don't care, they just eat my bones.

They wish I tasted better, they wish I was dead,

And then when they're done, they bite off my head.

They've always said there'd be no harm,

So I let them eat my arm.

One night I saw quite a surprise,

My parents snacking on my eyes!

I wasn't too shocked to hear

Their recipe for sauteed ear.

My teachers say I have no brain,

Dad must have eaten it again!

When we measure our pulses I can't take part,

Mum likes the taste of roasted heart.

When people compliment my hair,

I'm never sure all of it's there.

My stomach's gone to fill there's up,

How lucky I've got 12 back-ups.

Some think they're crazy, some think they're mad,

But to me, they're just my zombie mum and dad.

The End

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