A Horror Approaches

It's about how people can feel hunted by the wrongs that they have done

I breathe deeply and begin to run

Through the trees so fleet of foot

The crack of bullets in the distance

I can shake the feeling now

That the chase has begun


I dare not even turn around

What horrors would I face?

Adrenaline rush fades out, my blood is cold

Now this world makes me feel so old


Spewed from the forest mouth

And the light scorches, not caressing, only corrosive

My heart quickens and my muscles turn weak

Legs heavy as acid takes its toll

The horror is approaching, my strength eroding


I fear my reflection now

I’m beyond confession

Past a return to redemption

A crater in my heart melts into a void

There’s nothing left but the truth


These demons are my own

Nothing can be what they seem

I am the hunted and I roam

The horror is breathing near me

I dare not hope to dream

The End

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