A hole in the heart, bullet in the headMature

I wrote this about a fanfic lol :).

God If I could take it all back,

You know I would,

Every word, every fight,

Every night I left him alone,

Never even bothered to pick up the phone.

So pre-occupied with my own life,

Building up this empire,

Just to play royalty,

And look where it's gotten me.

What mattered the Most, slipped through my hands,


Told him I didn't need him anymore,

Didn't care about anyone else,

But myself.

Broke his heart, left that void empty.

And when I heard the news,

I believed a lie,

"Oh, he'll be fine"

But now that I'm finally here, 

All my mistakes,

All my lies,

All my wasted time.

I'm staring their ghosts in the face.

As I watch you breath through a tube.

Because I said, 

I didn't love you.

I just wish for one minute,

That I could hold you in my arms,

One last time,

Instead of seeing you hooked up to all these machines,

That are keeping you alive.

God please take me instead,

Let me burn forever if thats what it takes,

God this is all my fault...

I broke his heart...

And he ended it all because of me! 

I'm a murderer in my own right!

I made him believe he was worthless.

When he's better than anything I could ever be.

I made him believe his life was worthless,

When it's not his that is, it's MINE!

I made him think I was better than him,

But fame, 

And money,


And Sex,

Are all worthless in the end,

My heart's still hollow after it all,

Because I threw away the only one who really cared.

The doctors come in and tell me his status,

Tell me he won't pull through.

And it just kills me inside,

Like it's killing him,

I gave him a hole in his heart and a bullet in the head!

Drove him off a cliff, 

Just to feed my own greed.

And I can't even tell him I'm sorry,

Because he won't wake up,

And as I watch him here dying,

I want kill myself just to escape my crimes!

But I can't, no,

No that wouldn't do any good,

He's already gone, 

So I'm just sitting here in a hospital room,

With a hole in my heart,

Because I destroyed his.

The End

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