A Hero Of War;

I wrote this originally for my history coursework, and people have said it was good, but i'm not sure, so could you leave me feedback, and tell me what you think?

Silent is the night, cold, dark and grey, mutters and snores full the eerieair. You raise from sleep, woke by cries and screams, you start your daily routine.

Pick up your gun, dive from fire, run over the top, your mind set in stone. A hero of war? No that is not right, those who survive, godbless their souls, living among the dead. One drops, bullet in head, the next, in the chest. A hero of war, thats what they say, not one can imagine, what happened to them.

Life in a trench, life is hard, a hero of war, one drops then the next, god bless their souls, living among the dead.

The End

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