Safe PlaceMature

A Hellish Journey is a journal-like collection of poems.

The shower is my safe tower, high above the world, where I lie curled. The shower is my safe place.

the air is thick with steam and sorrow

for my first failure, and each to follow.

fire falls in the form of rain

while the bass batters my bones and brain.

i lay on the floor of my shower,

safe        for a single, precious hour.

here I weep in my acrylic keep

before laying down my head to sleep,

only to wake to face Hell once more.

He waits for me, just beyond my door,

cackling like a cat at a mouse hole.

how long, i wonder, till He has my soul?

the water’s hot.

hurts a lot.

here i lay

here i weep

here i stay

till i sleep,

hoping in vain that the stinging rain

will wash away the sin and stains within.

here i lay.

here i weep.

The End

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