A Heart's Fall Color

This is about somebody who can't find anyone to listen to what they have to say. Yet somebody finally grabs the heart and brings it back, to remind that person the important things are the precious memories, not the sadness which come from them.

A kind kindled heart

Always simply is torn apart

The falling pieces

Falling like leaves

Dripping colors

Which this heart bleeds

It built these colorful feelings

It’s cut open and sore


Sky unravels it’s overshadow

Deep gray overcasts the throb

I see leaves

Like blossoms

Falling from trees

They rake them up

And- just throws a heart away

Like fall


Listen to the yells

When the wind sets

Leaves a rumble

Sends a gust, to clear the streets

They yell so loudly

The heart beats quickly

We step upon this heart

They can’t hear my heart…


Fall slowly gathers into winter

This heart was never recognized

It is ready to give up

The beat it always produced

And a hand gently brings the heart back

To where it belongs

Warm feelings these hands bring

The kindness fills the beat


The heart beats like never before

A smile for help it has received

So content

Like jumping in a pile of leaves

Fall is gone

Memories are precious

I will never forget this heart

And the hands that help me to

See the beauty of this art

The End

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