a Handfull of Haikai

a Haikai is a form of structured, collaborative Japanese poetry. One poet writes a haiku, to which a second poet writes a response in order to complete the haikai form.

Welcome to traditional 16th century Japanese collaborative poetry!

I'm sure most all of you are familiar with the haiku, the Japanese poem that is structured by syllable: 5-7-5. Well, the haiku is the building block of the haikai, which is composed of two haiku. Quite simply, one poet writes a haiku, to which a second poet writes a response in the form of a second haiku. Often, these responses will involve some sort of wit, humour, or crassness. However, you can respond with whatever sentiments you deign appropriate.

So how will this work? First, copy + paste the haiku from the previous poet's post to your own, and then add your haiku response after. Next, come up with a second haiku to be the start of another haikai. Then, use some sort of creative line break system to create a barrier between the finished haikai and your as-of-yet incomplete one. Also, remember to give the finished haikai an appropriate title as your chapter name.

Simple enough?

Then let's go!


A dense waterfall,
solid, somehow still moving;
it crashes and roars.

The End

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