A Gust Of Wind

Parade your guilt as far as the eye can see
Nothing can ever compare.

How am I supposed to build you a castle with no bricks?
I just keep pulling glass out of my arms.
We reference a thousand dreams, 
But I don't care.
Every step I take to grasp this by the throat is another foot in the grave

Is this what you wanted?
This is all I came for.
To carve a kiss, to make a home.

Panic cools for a minute.
No, I just obviously can't be more than a few letters on a page.
Serves you right. 

Now I'm slipping a noose around this neck of mine.
The butterflies dance past
The flowers stop to stare for a minute
Everything beautiful raises the knife. 

The speed reminds me how much.
Is this just the comfort to deal with?
A minute to fade away?

Maybe my outpour was intercepted
A fake. Nothing but shams pervading.

Now I know how you live. 

The End

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