A God Before Me

A laugh composed by angels,
And hands cast in a dream.
Features chiselled with wonder,
And softened by the waves of the sea.
A circus smile to melt your bones,
And a wondering touch you'll yearn.
Eyes crafted with raw passion,
Drawing you in with a lust that burns.

The rhythm of a great songsmith,
A heat to radiate and leave you in knots.
The caress that makes you helpless,
A body built by the gods.
The lips drawn by Picasso,
And legs of the athletes from ages gone by,
Two arms engineered so gallantly, 
To squeeze and cradle, to hold up high.

The strength of a ruthless barbarian,
And the sweetness of a retired knight.
A voice devised by saints,
To please you all through the cold nights.
Utter prowess and perfection incarnate,
The tempting thought of beneath his clothes.
An embrace to lay you down in ecstasy,
The man who makes your climax soar and flow.

I'm under the influence of your enslaving drug,
Of which I'll crave for always.
Your every wish is my want and command,
Spend some time inside me and your love I will surely raise.

The End

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