A Girl So Raped By BeautyMature

The Thoughts that stem from a look that spoke far beyond just a glance.

It was heaven and hell

Her eyes laying upon my hidden thoughts as if she knew

 I cannot lie thou, I was awestruck with her, “I don’t give a fuck beauty”

It spoke to me as I was left wondering in lust...

The touch of her left breast against my palm

her fine heartbeat against my own

just beating, beating, beating

until it was one in the same


It seemed like a dream

as I felt the pain of a girl so raped by beauty,

 I couldn’t let that thought stop me thou

When she entered the room her glance spoke far beyond just a look

 She seen me, as I seen her


In my mind it was a come-hither only the truth could claim,

an invitation, something maybe she couldn’t even name

 I had to make my move, my entrance upon the horse

Beauty, A Girl So Raped By Beauty

The End

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