A Girl Called KillMature

Knife edge traced along the wall

Bloody stain, she killed them all

No remorse and no regret

She won’t forgive, she won’t forget

One by one they fell down dead

A single wound to each one's head

She watched and waited, contemplated

Thought to herself, ‘Life’s over rated’

In time she came to know herself

How she sat upon a shelf

To be taken down and passed around

Ending up upon the ground

They’d beat her, they’d cheat her

They’d rape her, they’d shape her

She took it all and kept it close

Cut off her face to spite her nose

The voice inside her head was rife

With words repeated, ‘Get Your Knife’

And so she did, and so she went

On murder she was all hell bent

With every hit and every stroke

Of lies and torture that voice spoke

A smile upon her face she wore

A murderer, the Devil’s whore

With bloodlust in her she did shake

Would not stop til she did take

Everything from her they stole

Life and spirit, heart and soul

So many bodies, so little time

She surveys the carnage and says, ‘All mine.’

No apologies were heard

Not a single fucking word

For every body she impaled

She wrote a paragraph that detailed

The suffering that body caused

As the page dripped blood on her she paused

She looked around her room of death

And as she sighed she caught her breath

She signed the page with a heart and a frill

‘Yours Forever, A Girl Called Kill’

The End

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