A gift

It's about a small boy who receives a pet from his parents.
That pet is a dog who he names Starrymead.

Once I had a pet

A gift from my mother and father

It was a dog,of the collie breed

I called it Starrymead

The name may seem funny

But the day I got him was sunny

And my mind was all a blunder

So I called him a funny name

And that was his name for the many years I had him

But then that day came

When the breath of life left him

I cried and I cried

Until my broken heart could cry no more

But I never forgot him

Til the day I died

My spirit left this world

And I joined my beloved Starrymead

In the world after this one

And lived happily ever after

With my pet

A gift from my mother and father

The End

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