(A Ghost Wind, I Said, of Unapologetic Love)

Dark nights, dark rains, ellipses on the roof.
From gutter flows the sadness dripping in
That meets the squat defiance, and aloof
Restraint, leaves only ghostly winds recalling sin.

Trauma of first love and love's first trauma;
Rebuffing shrunk my life, enraptured his.
By stewing my own faults in hellish sauna,
I boiled and purified those that were his.

A nevercrime, with faint or little proof;
The jailer being mind's own churning spin,
Guilt bloats the heart and mystifies its youth -
How could I stand to live in my own skin?


What can apologetic love become,
When it falls, lost, to deaf and blind and dumb?)

The End

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