A Game for My Burning Alaska

What kind of man are you?

What kind of man plays with a girl's heart just for the joy of hurting her?

What kind of man makes plans with a girl like he actually wants something, only to change his mind?

What kind of man lies about everything?

Do you know what I did while I waited for you?

I cried my eyes out.

I asked myself what I did wrong.

Was I too clingy? Too needy?

End the end with I wasn't good enough or you stopped enjoying the game.

You're actually worse than every other guy, even the Cowboy.

They played me, yes.

But they got sex or something out of it.

You however,

You played me just to hurt me.

Just to get a kick out of finally convincing me to let myself love you and then crush me.

What about those weekends you planned, huh?

Just part of your game?

Fine then! I'll play too.

Here's a challenge for your little game:

Be a man! Fess up! Tell me the truth for once!

Game. Set. Match.

Your move Alaska

The End

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