A Friend In Need; My Unfinished DeedMature

You stood in front of me

And cried

A river

Of tears

Drowning tears

And oh how I tried

Tried everything

Just to make you feel better


Nothing worked

Nothing could

Nothing would

And so

In the end

I did a stupid thing

I gave up

And now I’m alone

And you’re six feet under

So here I stand

Looking at your headstone

Wondering why I didn’t do more

Why I didn’t do everything

In my power

As the one you turned to

The one you came to when in need

But I didn’t

And I don’t know why

But I know

I have to live with it

Every day

So when I close my eyes

I’ll see you

So when I look at a mirror

I’ll see you

So when I daydream

I’ll see you

So when I drift away

I’ll see you

And I’m sorry

So so sorry

Beyond any words could express


You came to me

In need

And I left you

All alone

In your sorrow

Your impending doom

But I have to live with that now

I have to live

Without you


You can have your sweet vengeance

When you look down upon me


You’re away from your pain now

I have to face mine

Every day

The End

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