A friend?

don't really have much to say about this, iust take what you can from it.

We meet, one day that's all it took,

And now you are everywhere i look,

I see you in that guy in school,

I hear him when we act the fool,

Weeks have passed and we continue to chat,

I'm starting to hope it's more then that,

My friends hear me as I blab,

But I think their glad to see I'm moving on,

We talked and finally I couldn't hold it,

I asked if you liked me back,

It took a while and I grew anxious,

but you replied and all was answered,

"I can't love you" that's what you said,

Nope instead you love my spanish friend,

And though it really hurt my heart,

I forgave you because you were,

Honest from the start,

And though I cried that night,

When you said it so,

I know now that i must let you go,

for i was only but a friend,

of the girl who holds your heart,

And that I'm afriad is the end.

The End

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