A Forlorn Tragedy

A mathematician's journey/ split personalities/ I don't even know how to explain it, its very random


The illuminated Mathematician sits in obsidian,

He clicks silver calculator buttons

And whispers fluid numerical dances

While dissecting bronze plated visceral equations

For the Lonesome Ones


Yearn for purpose in complex variations

While sequencing plots of celestial magnitudes

Within a planar existence of infinite possibilities,

But reality firmly disagrees with fantasies


All solutions adhere to fate's remembrance

And dread finite countdown's universal erase

In sublime freeze with absolute zero's embrace.


An alluring seduction within nightmarish abyss 

Embellishes flames with seals of sacrifice

Along with guidance of twisted echoes

To jettison the hollowed ones upon

A dazed life's warped demise


But, the Lonesome one remedied this fear,

By singing the sacred numbers' hymn, 

And reveling within magnificent dreams of hope,


"Of all the irrational sequences,

One cherished true keeps positive,

Plus another equals companionship, "


Distracted from the task at hand

While stranded weaponless in calculus

He inevitably surrendered to villainous derivative,

Deserting war in limbo,

His fine numeric outline faded.


Transforming lonesome one into an individual I,

To his shame, the same story ironically repeated,

And so, I rehabilitated in seclusion,

Lined up imaginary horizontal ladders

And built a new world in stacked limits,

Beautiful stories and plush landscapes unfurled,

When emotion smeared ink, I painted feelings of troubles,

Drowning within passionate colors,

I clung to their helping pleas,

Carefully planting countless mysteries

For eyes submerged within penned melodies,


I desired to rejoice with others,

But sharing of the wonders were shunned,

Code breakers were busy climbing vertical contemporaries.


One day, a door bell surprise transported I to the finale,

Stranger to three dimensional sanity,

I put on a mathematician's personality,

And opened the door to a flowery scented breeze


Astonished eyes flickered in disbelief,

Overwhelmed by gentle touch of ivory,

I slowly paced heaves to counts of thirty

Flung off his bright yellow boots

And firmly stood barefoot on the guiding threshold

Anticipating ascension to promised green abode.


On the journey to infinite bliss, 

I flew past the loving goddess

Floated by the swift messenger's terrace

And was suddenly blinded by a flaming chariot


I had found the destination,

Scorched path of fiery incineration,

Prayers would not save the fooled

Destiny sacrificed for flamboyance too


A divine feint of cruelty

A forlorn tragedy




The End

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