A Fork in the Road

road trip trips her up.

he said to me:
they're infinite
lets find ours
lose the map
get in the car
and never come back'

blindly i followed
never to return
listening to his words
pushing on the limits
of my very world.

didn't know when to stop
should've hit the brakes
and got thrown out the front
shattered glass is better
than a broken heart.

he drove my soul
the headlights off
engine purring promises
all through out.

yet the farther he went
i drifted off
reality beneath me
started to fall.

i was tethered by his thread
latched to my heart
like puppets in play
i sat still in the car.

frozen -
eyes open -
to fleeting images -
i'm prisoned -

slow it down
i made him stop
a forked road
in front of us.

shut things out
and looked around
to what was left
of steady ground.

empty mass
but where we were headed
i knew at last.

sun: rise up
to shine the way
crystal clear
to what i'd make
of our journey
of his drive
through tangled roads
and made-up lies.

i said to him:
'i'm done
i've fought
stop this car -
i'm getting out.
don't need a map
i'll find my way again
through the gaps'

back to who I am.

The End

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