Just another self-absorbed
mentally malnourished
hoping for a meaning
to a seemingly futile
Wallowing in everyday life,
unmotivated, lazy.
Struggling with problems,
but only mine own.

How can an archaic, primal instict to survive be the main motivation, of a 'higher intellectal species' such as humans, to exist? Does anything really separate us from animals? Is the continuation of a species that is killing our planet, its other inhabitants and each other a reason to keep on living?

Is a life of meaning the meaning of life? If so what exactly qualifies as a life of meaning and how attainable is it really?

Scientists may be pushing the boundaries and doctors saving more lives but for the main part it all revolves around money. Why? Money can bring some 'comforts' but it can't buy happiness. Families don't suddenly become functional because of it, a focus on money brings the opposite.

I'm baffled by the world or more specifically but the people in it. There are rapes and murders, torture, assaults and other horrible things happening at the same time as people save other people's lives by endangering their own, babies being born and shows of affection being made. We live in a crazy world.

To complicate things further there's not only the what's being done there are also whys. Murder could be righteous and love adulterous. A rapist may have been abused as a child. So many things to take into consideration. Not that considerations make murder or rape ok, but understandable. I've not mentioned suicide because although I don't understand every case that is behind suicide I do to some extent understand suicide.

The End

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