To ShannonMature

I wanted to see you
hold you,
kiss you.
Talk to you one last time,
but I couldn't,
you'd never have left me go.
I love you with all my heart
but I can't do this anymore.
As my last wish I want you
to keep going, stay alive for me,
it's a cruel but love-born wish.
I wanted children with you
but I can't live anymore.
I can't do it.
I don't want you to see me
suffer in hospital
but I so desperately want to see you
one last time before I go to sleep.

I'm just another brick in the wall,
I'll be replaced in soceity.
It'll be harder for you
but I truly hope you'll replace me,
just make sure he treats you right.
I'm sorry I ever contacted you,
I led you to loved me and now
I'm breaking your heart
and not for the first time.
I miss you.
I love you.

The End

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