A Forever Loving Tribute

A tribute to my beautiful Auntie Kay, forever missed. RIP xx

With rosey cheeks and bouncing red curls,
A spirit so colourful, a true irish girl.
With a protective nature for all to see,
She could well make history.

With a talent and air to amaze the crowds,
A voice so strong, she made the family proud.
With a love for the stage there's only one place to be,
She was bound to make history.

With the songs, the lights and so many people to meet,
An ability to make people listen and move their feet.
With her passion for music in it's element you see,
She was making history.

With the heart of a lion and a soul like the sun,
A smile and laugh that warmed everyone.
With a compassion so easy to love and a cherished family,
She had made her history.

The End

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