A Flower Given by You

This poem, written to my loving husband, describes my overwhelming feeling to receiving beautiful flowers from him and my desire to return the favor.

The lightly scented, beautiful tokens of love

That you have many times set before me

I pray I am able to deliver back to you

Making you just as delighted and happy.

From the softness of every petal

To the long stems, extending to every leaf

I gaze at the wonder of your gifts of love

And I am still mesmerized while sitting in disbelief.

The presentation from behind your back

To the developing smile upon your face

Leave me anxiously awaiting your kiss

And praying this moment, my mind will never erase.

When I received this flower from you

Its color was once a bright and lively pink

Vividly I will forever envision its beauty

As it reminds us of how well our hearts became a link.

I saved this small token of love that you once gave me

Because a flower given by you

In any delicate style, color or type

Still disperses your love, so rich and true.

A flower is given to you.

The End

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