Femina opis sum,

Of the intellectual I am,

I see a dozen seas

In my one hand;

A thousand planets

Under one thumb.

I start the un-started,

Stir those uncharted,

Moulder, shaper, woman, I'll be,

A ball and chain unite me;

Still in form I am,

I am a form that's still in bloom.

I watch the winter moving,

It burns me- it does not;

I am the snowflakes catching

The eye of those having been caught.

Slave I am to the mind,

Of thoughts that dare be sought,

Captivating, my own mirror,

I wonder de femina.

I have those million wonders,

In one pupil, in one glance,

Life steadily unfolding,

Yet- immutable, I last;

Step across the time, I dare not,

I cannot feel the opus dei;

I am the work, I am,

The hand, I am, that began

The paradox, construing,

I collect those minds and feelings.

Ruler of my oceans,

And the seas that flow through

Continents of the soul,

The mould, stretching out

Fingers of mine, they’ve lost

Power, potestas, ruler out of time;

Spatially, I do not see,

The ground above my mind,

Infelix puella,

The one whose work is done.

The End

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