Shoot upon shoot,

Row upon row,

Contest in pacem,

In time and space,

Out of linear places,

As the mind diverges

Away from the master,

Creator and skilled one,

Omniscient judge,

Ruler ever-after;

Set up in doctrine,

The dogma delights,

And fights

Pragmatic egos reigning,

Heads ready to bloom

As the sun of the horizon,

Sunset of the past,

Rises high in the far-shore,

Swelling mass of the West,

Modernistic grip

On time;

Creative wisp,

A willow in the wind,

Whispers in the doubt,

To converge on

The age of left.

Sunrise-and hovering,

Burning soul of truth:

They wilt in the heat

If their roots don’t have grip;

Many breaches are growing,

Swarming out from

Lies, injustice’s pride,

And nutrients for the soil,

From the fallen,

Stronger than before.

Darkness is the cowerer;

Eloquence from the wise,

Wisdom from the lover,

Peace from the self,

That love from the prayer;

Back from oblivion

Of greed’s insanity,

Boundaries provide growth,

Flowers upon a trellis.

The End

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