Nobody Can Deny Us

Trepidation from my lips,

Innocence at my fingertips,

Temptation as I try not to

Put a foot wrong, and prove you

Right, when everything I know

Could sparkle out and go,

If I dared to cross the line,

If we tried audacity one more time;

A taste of love and light,

The taste becoming a sprite,

When the sapid chemistry

Of you and I is cast out, free,

We’ll dance where is fire is refuted,

Our choral voices never muted,

In the hour where we can be

Together without oppressed harmony;

It must be restrained for now,

For everyone must say how

Well we stay apart;

No one can slay the heart,

For who can say that we

Two liars will always be?

The truth is irrefragable,

When it decorates us, unmistakable;

Nobody can deny us

What we truly desire: love,

When one kiss hangs between us,

What we do when no one’s seen us;

Temptation is the route that I

Dare never to use, always being shy,

It must be restrained for now,

That lying love deep down.

The End

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