At the Cataclysm

Look at that,

And this and us;

A lie or two,

A tricky treat;

Can you smile and

Mean it now?

Can you talk

Without that sneer

So like a smile, raised

Corner of your lip?


I thought we'd

Left it all behind,

Moved on because

Of difference,

Of distance;

I thought you'd chosen

Others over what you called me

In my dreams:

Your 'little flower',

Bearer of the future.


Then, at one glance,

At the cataclysm,

Chasm of our hearts

Bridged once again;

A catechism,

And a guide,

Brought us back to

What we knew as

Playing on the danger.


How many more times

Can we live through

Lies and loves outwards?


Don’t compare to me

What you see in others,

When my back is turned;

Rejoin with faith

Into my heart,

Spurned, but not yet burnt.

The End

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