One Dance of Life

Bring on the snare-drum,

Play me Crazy loud,

One-step, two-step,

Conduct me to it,

Conduct me through it;

Cigarettes and whisky-rum,

The tints of silver ivory

I see, decorations:

Bands, fingers, necks gleaming;

There’s a constant

Gramophone running through my

Brain, melodic danger,

A taste of the dancer;

Bass bass bang, high-hat trip,

Play it in tilt, tip,

Tripping around the room,

Laughing to the sound,

Laughing at the feeling,

Despite all the

Dark meaning;

Dancing all around,

Join my frantic plan,

Bring on the ride,

A constant ting,

Black and white,

Plain suits of ornaments,

Play it though it’s


Whilst evil means

Nothing to me.

The End

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