My Sweet Sunshine

My sweet sunshine,

Bringing gold-gilded rainbows,

Burying the past with

The face-refreshing rain;

Though the outer world

Is dripping down its despairing doubts,

Crying frictions of the sky,

Like a burning light, electric;

Clouds are frowns that lie up high,

When my work never prevails;

Yet, I’ve got those soulful eyes,

Like dew-drops:

Rain-shaded, sunshine highlighted,

And a thunderstorm for a laugh,


Sudden, yet expected,

By that atmospheric pressure,

That love out in the air,

Yes, brilliant blue-clear,

Without a smear;

Isn’t it magnificent?

I see its brilliance,

Let the skies agree:

How bad can be a thunderstorm?

Yet: tears,

The eye of the storm,

Dripping downwards as time

Ticks onwards,

Fear of being alone

In that weather

Drives me closer

To the port of sunshine.

Be all weather,

Tales of lost lives,

Lost sailors trying...

Help us survive all weather,

Please do.

Promise me

There'll be a golden smile,


A development of change,

Before another shower,

For the rain falls

Only once;

Promise me

That you'll give,

I'll see,

A sunshine always,

My sweet sunshine,

Given freely to me.

The End

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