A Tranquil Lie

My heart is layered amongst the lies,

It dictates where to hide the skies,

For creatures strive to find the unnamed;

I would rather live un-shamed,

A mirror-water shows the truth,

When I deny, I prove my youth;

As a second name is called,

A created one is let and pulled

Out the living house and rise,

Where the moon-beam is met with eyes

Of jealousy and trials before,

As, when I fell, I hit the floor;

I needed another creative pursuit,

As he would not meet my suit;

What is a lie when all is changed?

But something that just hides the shame

Of a mistake, cold and bright,

That mistake is a beaming light;

Underneath the rippling haze,

I’ve seen the troubles of my days,

How I was the one, redemption aside,

Who cast out her sin, a cheerless bride,

As feelers for the heart of desire,

When inside she was nought a liar,

A worthless thing without cause,

The missive they always report;

Trouble must be pushed away,

Before the rest of my heart breaks,

Here lies its fragments, one and two,

The reason of the colour blue,

And, the world must have its branches painted,

By the shapes and marks well feinted;

Golden earth-angel high above,

See how she cries for all she loves?

For all of life is marked with lies,

Creating everything despised;

In the ocean, or the lake,

Which, beautiful, it once did take

A thousand lives, cry “murder one!”

But then the deed of dark is done,

The face passed over, still and loose,

There’s nothing more left to do;

To dance the rapids, more and more,

To create new pictures by the score;

My heart is layered amongst the lies,

It dictates where to hide the skies,

But what is a lie when it’s truth?

Just a tranquil lake to save the youth.

The End

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