(Just for thought, and just for fun)

It’s like a dagger in my heart,

A broken scabbard of my scull,

Glass around my soul-

How can that work?

Scattered in despair,

Another poem for the road,

Portraying the madness

Of the mind,

Another poem for the road;

Words are vipers, toothless grins,

A gunman with a bow,

For when the age of enlightenment is gone,

The bitter pounce upon those

Who have no care for life;

Care exists for those existing,

For they who have no care for life.

Books are my tomb,

When murder is not your game;

Meta, above and beyond,

A word dancing for the others,

Those who see the ease

Of living.

A leather livery for the road,

A hardback for the soul,

Mouth-watering, a taste of life,

And death can take its toll.

Another reason, another word

Through everything that burns

The essence of my soul,

There is still hope,

Words from behind time,

There is still hope.

The End

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