Footsteps, those echoes in my head

That drive me ever-onwards,

Now I wish my steps were dead,

For what are opinions if you are unchanging?

I see you, in subjective matter,

And how I wish of things!

Believing that part of me still matters,

Whilst floating amongst silent nothings.

Oh, guardian of my heart,

The one who’s stood beside me,

You make emotions jump-start;

Have you made an alien of me?

How the Platony digs me a grave!

It’s breaking my soul as I see

The true Form of being brave;

A cave, I’ve lost at being free.

Forgetting senses, I must do,

If you are walking on-

However- problems are seeping through,

As your footprint won’t sink down;

A smile, a smile, and one more smile,

I catch you looking back,

You eyes linger on for a while,

Then you paint the sky with scowls

And turn aside.

The End

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