Scalar Time Song


Tenderly, the crystal oceans,

Lovingly, they move their motions;

Innocence resembles emotion,

Taste the dripping time.


Heartbreak and a single winter,

Method’s lost, the pennies splinter,

When the cost of love is thin then

Taste the dripping time.


Footsteps on a sandy beach,

The people come and they do reach

The precise name of inner peace

To taste the dripping time.


Hourglass and circlet pieces,

Reflective space with broken eases,

They spout out what is never needed,

Taste the dripping time.


Metronome in quiet classroom,

Ticking, moving, taking time to

Do the things its fake soul sought to:

Taste the dripping time.


Frozen like a winter meadow,

In this place the people gather,

To try to stop the age of weather,

Taste the dripping time.


Castle facades feel it better;

Bodies seem to move like trains and

Pay that little respect to it, so

Taste the dripping time.


But memories, they see the most

Of civil’ations turned to ghosts,

The celebration hid from host,

It’s all the taste of time.


It’s all the taste of time.

The End

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