Sisters of Immortal Robes

She, with claws curled inwards,

Caught him right in my hour of need,

Saw right through my petty disguise,

More than words soon made me bleed;

I could not see that Patience begs

For humanity to reside,

For life moveth as you maketh it-

And all she could do was chide

The other for their racing games,

Twins that stand aside;

Marionettes, dressed in robes so cold,

Towards the other’s rules I abide.

If his breath had stained my cheek

Instead of my splintered heart,

We would not be inside her grasp,

Strangled to tear apart,

For as her Sovereign's orb is lowered

Into the sceptre’s black-morning dew,

Faux memories come to pass,

My verses of love are far and few;

She, harsh burning eyes that see

Right through the innocence of lies,

Dares keep me out of the loop,

Whilst everywhere, a step for all her spies;

And if he’d settled for the now,

Casting off what phobias and fears

He’d wear, mantle-like, to stride away

From what was all my cheers,

He’d see, instead, the waiting girl,

With images inside his head

Of trust and immortality;

Time cares not for what is to be said.

The other is my puppeteer,

Tears, undulating, does she dry,

And if I forget my place and stand,

I’ll remember Patience and all she tries

To save me from my undying soul,

A beating heart, a rushing change,

Their brother, Emotion, ceases me,

But Time will always move my range.

The End

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