As If In Hiding...

As if in hiding,

There she goes:

A gallop for a day,

And a thorn for a rose;

No timid nature

Will you see,

As queenly as a princess,

No prince to set her free,

For in her right,

She holds a sword,

A barricade to

Wipe the words

Or mystery that

Surround her still;

A marionette,

A viper thrill,

So soft and calm

She makes her move

To hide all others,

To make them aloof,

Like she, a cheerer,

Riding on,

And in a moment,

She is gone.

No more of her

You’ll hear about,

If only in

A whispered shout

Proclaimed from every

Hill or grove:

The feisty one,

Her heart slain to love;

She will not ride

Upon their feet,

For she has come

To join the fleet,

A girl so sharp,

Like acid drops,

Now sword-less hand

Is raindrops;

If the rumours

Continue so

(A blossom queen,

Dressed in a throw),

She’ll come upon you

In the night,

Big eyes that gleam

With ocean-light,

To promise that

Her hiding game,

Not protection,

Is still the same,

But now the fair

Hides with the gruff,

She plays her games

With men so rough,

As if in hiding,

But you’ll see:

The outward appearance

Was always reality.

The End

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