Amazing Creatures

In a land so far and wide,

Dangerous people live inside

Houses of glass, cocoons of ice,

Play pretend hatred with angelic eyes,

Drink off nectar, cool and sweet,

But let not those who breathe the heat

Imagine a life beyond their wings

To dream a dream, a thousand things,

Of a silence of the beetle’s bite,

A way to overcome its might,

Yet cower as the creatures turn,

Their painted faces streaked and burnt

By the eight-legged lies they spin,

In order to concern and win;

Their battered faces hidden sight,

When butterflies, they seek delight,

And, innocently, marvel at the things

Involving ants’ hands up in rings.

But autumn changes every man;

Promises aren’t washed away like sand,

And even as the predators sleep,

The prey-victim’s tongue will always weep,

Of a tale still to be told,

As the truth, daylight, unfolds-

Of enemies no-one would see,

Those amazing creatures we hope to defeat.

The End

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