(Inspired by The Pretty Reckless’ song ‘Going Down’, especially the lines: ‘Go in the back/behind all these stacks of Bibles/and get out of this cage’. Not my perspective, by the way. )




Don't you feel so claustrophobised?

All your rules,



Pray to him for my sanity,

'Cause I won't try to deceive this

Dirty dirty mind,

You and I,

Running away from that cage,

A killer of the law,

Girl of the world;

It's just a box,

Confessions stream

From my lips;

It's just a room,

But we could go to the back,

Get out of the way

Of life,

My sins, I've been lying,

I'm worst than most,

Don't try,

You're in that cage


Listening to the lock-picker

Of deals unholy,

But I can stride away,

Stride away, if you like,

If you're too clean

For this disease;

Too nice to love my life,

Taste my lies with your freedom;

Won't you

Step from the cage,

See life without your disguise?


Jailer and jailbird;

Call those police,

At least I'll never be

In your cage.

The End

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