Let Me Tell You About Yellow

(From my heart, things that the word yellow means to me.)

Let me tell you about yellow:

Gold, sunset, colours merged,

The bronze of metallic victory, false or true;

Sunflowers, dainty-centres, peace and the meadow-

Buttercups with children, giggles loud,

"Do you like butter?"

Orange-vague reflections across the pool,

High above, fire yellow, giver of life;

Beauty in a flash, lightning nights and electrics:

Yellow is the storm-light, but also beacon, guide,

Lover. Separate oxymorons, bittersweet when yellow

Is tarnish, rust as glamour;

A talker of rings, the eye of an imperfect gift;

A cat's view, narrow, a blink-and-it's-gone

Moment, when pale is the backdrop,

Bright could be the foreground;

It's the shock you see,

The first thing you notice,

Radiant, she's blonde-headed, but brilliant;

Epitome of fever-happiness,

Gliding essence of summertone.


Oh, how perfect not to be blind.

The End

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