Can you tape up a broken heart?

As though just a gluing a wall.

If you’re a tonic,

Or a ray (or three) of sunshine,

Can you lift up what they left dark?

Can you find me in my anguish?

I am pushing away life;

Mishap and mayhem:

My father and mother are strife.

Metaphors make you nothing,

For you are…just are;

Serenity and divinity:

Your family was given well.

In what I say,

In all I write and I do,

There is nothing that far tells,

How tranquil and lovely are you.

Can magic write a poem?

That will spill the mysteries of the heart;

Can you ‘heal ma mind’?

Remember jokes you used to cast.

I don’t deserve your wonder and your bliss,

But I’ll try not to think like this;

Blood is inevitable

In war, as love is inevitable

In this life I’ve carved.

In this;

Just looking forward,


The End

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