Tribute to Paramore (Camera’s Lying)

Well, I never mean to brag,

But I went and got my shovel,

Pictured one wall, found a way around-

I’m one person playing god,

I’ll watch as you fall,

Be crushed, crushed, crushed.

The only exception,

Once a wh*re, now nothing more...


And my wildest dreams deep in the soul:

Butterflies wings pulled off,

Broken fingers and

Hourglasses ticking

Because I’ve got them where I want them-

A lonely existence is

Worth the risk;

Proof it’s not a dream.


You were born for this,

Always on display,

And you live like it’s the last day;

The world is mine,

Can’t run away,

You’re only human,

You never wanted to stay,

But it gets so lonely to be so holy.


And when you hit the bottom,

You’re out of style,

There’s a demon in a safe haven.

Turn it off!

We’ve got to keep a straight face;

So much faith,

My conscience is like water,

See behind the curtain:

I’m non-existent,

And you’re on your way to believing.

The End

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