To be read (hopefully) with an increase in speed towards the end


Can’t say I’ve tasted passion,

Not yet, at least,

Cut short.

Temptation rages when you’re gone,

I lie and cry,

I try and try

To forget that I’m not yours.

Yet, when I’m asleep,

I dream of you,

And how can that be safe?

If I don’t see you every day,

I might just go insane.

Seven days is not enough,

An hour has no length,

Oh, twisted fate,

He knows my pain,

And I know yours indeed.

A burden, call me

Day after day

And try to step out of my way,

Yet ever giving

To me those fiery smiles

That set apart you from the rest,

That tell the beating of my heart;

You try it overcome it,

And we think you’ll be the best;

Both of us,

I see,

Have no choice-

A spiral getting sharper,

Or step away,

The dreams pound on,

Relief will find

Your heart,

But here I am,



The End

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