Déjà vu [For Zillagirl]

Déjà vu.

Here we go again,

Will you leave me one more time?

Lies and laughter,

Love and loss,

Hand in hand, and rhyme in rhyme,

Writers fighting,

What we do

Is no business of the other,

But friendship lost is pain,

Even with logistics’ bother.

Jealousy, it’s arising,

Like a sea of words, I’ve found,

It’s better to skirt around it,

Better not to make a sound.

Head-reeling sensations

Come and go,

Memories of before,

But I won’t make a show,

Better just to hit the floor;

Writers quiet,

What they do

Is no business of the other,

Even though déjà vu

Is appalling, living

In the shadow of another.

The End

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