Emotion [For Euphrates]

Everything I've written

Seems of value;

To contain a part of me,

A special something

Without name.

Once written,

Words cannot creep back,

No way to erase;

Wipe out the mouth,

And yet the hand remains,

A single mark along white ground

Tells all,

Displays what's nothing

In my mind;

In there I see it,

(A plan)

I see it true:

A theorem to admire,

In every thread of every page,

In every garment torn

Is Emotion;

Souls rewritten-

We are standing,

Souls of writing

Bow down to that supply;

A golden, golden line,

A well from which we are


Characters and plots are woven

When nothing else makes sense,

The fluidity is more to see

When change pays


I see it

In the sky,

The truth:

Emotion leads us high;

Ecstasy of the mental mind-

The purest drug you'll ever find.

And we fly,

Amongst those worded contours,

Gaze our creation to the ground,

Seek solace in another life;

Hide from Emotion

Of the times.

The End

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