My Growing Insanity

Am I the only one who can see

My growing insanity?

I am I the only one who can feel

That this is truly real?

The way remarks affect me so,

The way that fury grows,

I hate what people say,

But that’s not the only way

My mind wanders off the spot;

Then suddenly: ‘forgot’!

Isn’t it obvious that

I’m as sane as my pet cat?

My mood is electric bulb,

Switches off and on;

It’s messed around, but,

As I try to make a sound,

I fear, that nobody will understand,

That’s why my cards are in my hand,

Rejected when I ask for help,

Trying to prove it’s just myself;

But they’re not right,

I’ll have to fight

To prove that I’m insane,

I’m not just playing a game;

Can’t they see?

Ignorance lights pain in me.

The End

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