Blue Moon

What I saw was blue moon

Riding on that subtle day,

Cast across the summer green;

Miraculous in the spray.

Memories and pictures formed,

Patterns like that displayed

Across the ground create-

Not-yet moonbeam, hiding, played

On those thoughts and feelings

That weren’t very sound;

Emotionally, I cried, of a time

Before I hit the ground.

A barren task I overtook,

(Not love to cast aside),

But I bore the shame right up high,

That is why I cried.

A singular glance

One way and that

Was what made me see it:

Those colours bright, some colours flat,

Yet, it made me believe it.

A shadow cast, a blue moon shone,

Beneath the evening sky,

And a tale begun,

A tale to glow away the night.

The End

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