Ode To Lush

Gorgeous silk-like smelling,

Something lovely like foundation,

Healthy foods upon your scalp;

A scent as decoration,

Amber, defiant colouring

Of yellow grapefruit glow,

What’s on the trees is on my head,

To help some beauty grow.

Darkest coal makes brightest light,

Without needing to burn,

There are things you really wouldn’t expect,

But that’s what you have to learn:

The environment is great for us,

Not just to breathe or eat,

Believe me when I say,

You could have pepper on your feet;

There’s mint in a magic mask,

So bright, exfoliates!

Your tanned legs wouldn’t be the same,

Without that chocolate for dates.

They reinvented bath bombs,

And cherry melts and more;

Soon all their package-less gifts

Will cover up your bedroom floor

(They do in mine: I have a hatbox

That stretches out so much),

Believe me when I say

We live more pretty with the Lush.

The End

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